The Building and the Neighborhood. The building is visually anonymous. Most passersby and NYC residents do not know what happens inside. Even the closest neighbors do not associate the building with peace activism.  
The prominent location of the Peace Pentagon offers an opportunity to give a visual and oral presence to the mission of the groups in the 339 community. The building can be seen at a distance from several vantage points and also by people using the Bleecker Street subway station.  The neighborhood is recognized for its cultural and educational institutions

and a long tradition of socially conscious,activist art. The constant presence of students, tourists and pedestrians in the area makes this an ideal location for social outreach.
Character and Scale of the Neighborhood. For many years, this was a modest, affordable area. The urban fabric was characterized by openings for gas stations, parking lots  and low-rise buildings. Due to a variety of economic and social forces, this area has changed dramatically to become increasingly controlled by corporate and real estate development interests.

Institutions like the Peace Pentagon, which received a Place Matters award in 2008, have become  pivotal in maintaining a city of people and ideas against the tide of consumerism.
Last year, the site became part of the Noho Historic District Extension. NYC’s Landmark protections are meant to preserve the character of neighborhoods, but this designation raises challenging issues, regarding the cost and appropriateness of preserving the building’s appearance.  A new building or a substantial renovation may be the best way for the building’s form to reflect its current purpose.

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